One Pillow Fits All !

Why Combopillow ?

* Unique Design that adjusts to everyone in all sleep positions.
There are 8 Changeable Pillow Heights and feelings to choose, to best fit your bodies’ size and posture.

* Great for all sleep positions.
* Safe & Reliable Materials

* CertiPUR-US foam and Oeko-TEX 100 standard materials are used to make Combopillow. These certificates ensure the safety and reliability for consumers.

* The only adjustable pillow patented in the USA, with the USPTO

* Innovation and creativity bringing the best night’s sleep possible!

Improves Heart Function

Aids Regular Sleep Pattern

Helps Balance The Mind

8 Combinations

Improve Health

Easy adjustable pillow height and fit your need.

Sleep Style

Best pillow based on
your need

Unique Needs

It is a supportive pillows for more than just your head

Sleep Better

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Sleep Hot?

New cloud adjustable

Removable layer

Designed for freshness, easy to wash and removable to help you keep your pillow feeling fresh and clean.


Enjoy The Perfect Night's Sleep

  • The Adjustable Pillow Design allows you to change 8 pillow heights for the ultimate comfort. Patented and Protected in the United States (USPTO).

The Comfort Shells, Combo Thin and Thick Layers are made of CertiPUR certified polyurethane foam, and the ComforTek Cover is made of Oeko-Tex 100 Standard knit fabric. Those Certifications ensure consumers safety and reliability.

Pillow Combination Steps

  • The Comfort Shell’s and Combo Thin or Thick Layers can create 8 different combinations, Combo-1 to Combo-8 assures the right height and comfort offering you the best nights sleep.